Whitesnake Gear


Steve’s effects rack used on the 1988 David Lee Roth & 1990 Whitesnake world tours. From top to bottom, it includes a Furman PL-8 power conditioner, a Roland SDE-3000 digital delay, 2 Yamaha D1500 digital delays, Yamaha SPX90 multieffects, Ibanez SDR1000 digital reverb unit, Eventide H969 Harmonizer (changed to WOMANIZER as a joke), Eventide H3000S, a Lexicon PCM70 digital reverb, P/SSAC mixer, Drawmer Dual Gates noise reduction unit, an Alesis Data Disc, Eventide H3000, and a Bradshaw switching system.

From top to bottom, a Rane SM26 mixer, two Soldano amp heads with the name “Schiller” on the front (Stan Schiller was Steve’s guitar tech at the time), and 2 Mesa Boogie Strategy 400 power amps used for the Marshalls below.

These pedals would sit onstage near the Bradshaw switching unit, above. From the left, these are a BOSS FV-100 volume pedal and a Dunlop Crybaby wah pedal.

These Marshalls were used as preamps only, the power came from the Mesa Boogie power amps seen below. In the left of this picture is a Yamaha PC2002M power amp, and in the background you can see Steve’s guitar closet.

The Bradshaw footswitch, built by Bob Bradshaw & Rocktron for Steve. During the ’88 Roth and ’90 Whitesnake tours, Steve’s guitar rig was at its most massive, hence the 24-switch footcontroller. Each switch was labeled corresponding to effects units in his rack. (Steve still has this unit but hasn’t used it in years).

Steve’s guitar tech’s workspace (notice the assorted guitar tools, a BOSS tuner and two Universe guitar necks on the desktop). The racks on the right were equipped with 4 Nady 1200 wireless receivers.