VAIdeos – Vai Videos Now Available on iTunes


With the monumental leaps in digital technology we are now able to make available, to those who are interested, select videos from my catalog. The first batch consists of previously released videos including all the individual songs from Alien Love Secrets, select clips from the Live At The Astoria London DVD, all of the promotional videos from the 80’s and 90’s, and a few new videos that contain rare footage that’s never seen the light of day.

Says Steve of the videos:
“I have films and video in the vault dating back to when I first moved out to California, with subsequent footage all the way up to the String Theories tour last year. Some of it, especially from the Alien Love Secrets days while on tour opening for Bon Jovi, is beautifully eclectic.”

“The video for ‘K’m-Pee-Du-Wee’ (which should be available through iTunes any day now) is a great example. While traveling from a gig in Vilnius, Lithuania to a gig in Zabrze, Poland on the Real Illusions tour, we ended up with a day off in Katowice, Poland. We decided to set up some gear across the street from the hotel, unannounced, and just start jammin’ and filming.”

“In the past it didn’t make much sense to release any of these one-off performances because there was no outlet for them. It would take too much time to compile them into full length DVDs and even then the continuity would be unbalanced. It didn’t make sense to do them for promotional reasons because there were no stations that would play them, but now there is an outlet and once they go up online, they will be there indefinitely.”

“I’m hoping to add to this video library with one-off performances culled throughout my 30 year career.”

Visit the VAI-deos page for information on each of the videos, along with links to them on iTunes.