Vai-Tal Ebay auction: Fire Garden Leather Jacket

Steve’s First Leather Jacket w Hand Painted “Fire Garden” Artwork from Tabitha Rose

Buyers for this month’s Vai-Tal used gear auction will have a chance to own the very first leather jacket Steve purchased with stunning new artwork of Steve’s “Fire Garden” album cover by Tabitha Rose.

From Steve:

“I always loved the look of these long leather coats and when I was around 18 years old and going to school in Boston I decided to have one made. A big step for a guy living on cereal and peanut butter. I loved this coat and wore it for years and then just kept it in my attic until Tabitha Rose recently spun some serious magic on it”

-Steve Vai

Check out our Ebay page for more details.

The auction will start August 22, at 11.00 PDT