Vai News

A new page of photos & letters has been added to Your Letters & Photos, including a long overdue group shot of the 1999 Jemfest attendees. For info about Jemfest, click here.


There’s a new site dedicated to Ibanez Jem7BSB guitar enthusiasts, at! Also, Steve was recently on The Tour Bus, go to and click the Past Guests link at the bottom of the page. The Steve Vai Fan-o-rama site is welcomed to the fan sites directory along with The Experimental Steve Vai Site, and someone else has posted some photos taken at Steve’s Houston show, at A new tattoo joins the tattoos page. Steve’s journals, which these days are more of a running itinerary, have been updated with info for 8 days in August and September ’99 on the ’99 calendar.


Bangkok was removed from the tour dates, as I found out only today that it was cancelled. Sorry for any confusion for fans living there.


We’re getting ready now for the next leg of the tour, the band & crew leaves on the 14th — I’ll fly into Japan on the 20th (I won’t be doing the rest of the Vai tour, as my current schedule is just too manic, but I’ll be at all of the shows in Japan). I’ll be shooting some video and taking lots of photos for the site, including as much backstage stuff as I can — Steve has an amazing new digital camera and I intend to have to download its entire memory into my Powerbook several times a day. I will probably not do any updates while I’m in Japan, but there will be new stuff when I get back, in early February. The new issue of GKS unfortunately can’t get printed before I leave, so it will be done when I get back, and newsletters should be in subscribers’ mailboxes in early February. Until then, won’t you have fun with another random link?