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Congratulations to the winner of the Steve Vai Guitar Challenge…



Michael was one of a truckload of entrants who played their best over the bed track of Vai’s “Jibboom.” Steve Vai personally picked the winner from 17 incredible finalists (usually these types of contests get down to three finalists, but these were so good that we ended up with SEVENTEEN finalists in the final round!). It wasn’t so much about competing for the “best” — there’s no way to choose who’s “best” and if there were enough Steve Vais in enough alternate universes sifting through these entries, surely every one of them could get the nod. But somebody must rise to the top of the list and take the prize, and Michael Lee Hill from Cleveland, Ohio was singled out by our universe’s Steve Vai as the winning entry. Big congratulations to Michael, and everyone who entered!


We would also like to recognize the immense talent and ability of the 16 other finalists, with our congratulations:


(in no particular order)


Michael Moore

Pete Swann

Brian Rogers

Bob Oakman

Frank Meyers

Craig Schexnaydre

Fred Clark

Neil Rambaldi

Robbie Atkins

Dustin Rhodes

David Codner

A Lest

Shawn Guess

Steve Downey

Rolando Lopez

Jerry Bergeson

Paul Warner


Read Tonos’ profile on winner Michael Lee Hill and hear the winning entry here!


Thanks to the amazing people at Tonos and everyone involved.