Vai News


The Fan Forum section gets a new YL&P and some new tattoos (more will be uploaded soon). I’m finding random things like tattoos that I haven’t put up yet, so if you’ve sent one in and don’t see it, feel free to send it again. I’ll soon re-do the tattoos page so each tattoo has its own page with the owner’s name and city, so if you’re one of those people, please say hello with your info — please specify which tattoo is yours, and even attach a picture if possible (just lift the thumbnail pic from the page and attach that so I’ll know whose is whose).


Another e-mail update will go out next week — get yerself listed by sending a blank e-mail to vai-subscribe. We’ll bug you about once a month with a new Vai update, but we won’t give your address to anyone else. Maybe we’ll occassionally send you some Favored Nations fun, but nothing you shouldn’t want.


And we’ve chosen the winners of the Japanese Ultra Zone 3-song sampler discs! Greasy Kid’s Stuff subscribers knew about the contest (it was another GKS exclusive kinda thing) and send in many cool postcards. Winners will get their discs next week. We got many more cool postcards than we have CDs though, so cross