Update March 27

I’ve been thinking about these records for quite some time. I enjoy creating parameters to work within at times and for these records I decided to only use a trio with no guitar overdubbing, meaning that all guitar takes would consist of one guitar. But I also wanted to experiment with looping in ways that can fill out the track at times. I started to imagine some of the things I wanted to do with looping and started to look for a looper that might be able to do what I was envisioning. None of the conventional loopers would do it and some people pointed me in the direction of Ableton. I didn’t know anything about this program but I took some online classes and hired this very amazing gal, Laura Escude, who is an absolute Ableton wizard, to teach me the program. I explained to her what I wanted to do and asked if it was possible, and she said yes! Yesterday she showed me how to do it and now my imagination is bursting.