Update from the road….

Hey Folks,

The show in St. Petersburg Russia was wonderful. I was not exactly sure how the tracks with orchestra would be perceived but the audiences are being very generous and warm. This was shot from the car:


Here I am in the city of Minsk in the country of Belarus which is surrounded by Russia. I’m told this is the first Master class on guitar ever given in this country and one of the first performances from an American rock artist. This city is a stunner. So clean and spacious.


I took a long walk through the city center of Kiev in the Ukraine. It was a beautiful day and I found a charming little bistro for lunch. Most of the times when I’m on tour I like to escape alone and just explore.




The AGS Master Class in Kiev was held in an old castle. It was outdoors. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of it but it was an incredible place. We had over 700 people at the master class. I’m now starting to formulate a tour of 12-15 cities of Russia for late spring of next year. It’s too good here not to come back soon with the rock band. Here is my Ukranian “A” Team: