Update from the road – Note from Steve

Hey Folks, Steve here.
We are on tour honoring the 25th anniversary release of PAW and we are having an amazing run. The band is just smoking!
I’m taken back by such positive responses at the shows from the audience and I’m feeling a tremendous amount of appreciation in all aspects of this tour, especially performing all the songs and every note! It dawned on me at the beginning of this tour what incredible good fortune I have and when thinking back to the making of Passion and Warfare and the 25 year old Steve that was cooking it up, I remember the deep enthusiasm I was feeling during the whole process.

Now, 25-30 years later, (because I started working on the record close to 30 years ago) when I play these songs on stage I feel so much gratitude that I can be doing this 25 years later and there are people that are enjoying it.

We have a lot of nice surprises in store for 2017 and I’m looking forward to continuing to “Just go for it”.

Peace and love and good happiness stuff,