“The Bodhi Tree” VaiTunes #7 is now available!

Steve’s latest VaiTunes song, “The Bodhi Tree” is now available to download from all major digital music retailers, including:

iTunesAmazonRhapsody,  Napster,  eMusic,  Lala,  IMVU, ShockhoundAmie StreetLimeWire Store and the Nokia Music Store as well as the corresponding digital booklet PDF on the VaiTunes page.

“The Bodhi Tree” Song Juice:

“One day, I built this patch using an Eventide H300 Harmonizer. After playing through the sound for 10 seconds or so, I realized I should document what was flowing through my fingers and out of the amp. It was easy and enjoyable to just play simple stuff and have this wonderful flurry of shimmery overtones emanate from each note.

I quickly built a little percussion track and just went for it. I wasn’t sure what I was going to play, but I knew it was all going to work. You just get that feeling, and you know you gotta act quickly…” More…