Jeremy Colson’s “Drum Cam”

Hey Folks, Steve here. Our US tour has been quite glorious. We are in the home stretch. Jeremy’s tech has made some hand held cam shots of him performing some of our tracks. Check them out. This is an elite musician in the moment of his craft. Very inspiring. Tarus Bulba is a bear to…> Read More

Steve’s “Ultra Zone” Emerald Ultra Guitar

Check out Steve’s “Ultra Guitar” that is currently being played on tour through this article on The design of the guitar is based on the Aaron Brown’s illustration for Vai’s 1999 album, The Ultra Zone, which depicts an “alien Steve” playing a futuristic-looking axe. The guitar is designed by Alistair Hay of Ireland.

Ultimate Classic Rock Concert Ticket Giveaway

Ultimate Classic Rock is giving away a pair of tickets to Steve’s upcoming fall tour of North America. For more information, visit – You must enter by August 8th to be eligible for the giveaway. For a full list of dates, please visit the homepage.