Steve’s Ibanez Jem “BO” Stolen

Steve Vai’s guitar “Bo” was stolen earlier today. It’s a mirror Ibanez JEM with blue LED’s, a Sustainer system, and a red laser built into the headstock/neck. The forearm contour is also cracked/distressed a bit.  If you hear something or think you’ve seen it, please contact us. Thanks.

. Bo’s serial # F0006311 Here are some physical traits unique to Bo:

-Bo has blue LED fret dots and a red laser in the headstock tip. They are turned on by an on/off switch and powered by battery.

-Bo has deep scratches on the armrest area, and the mirrored surface shows wear.

-Bo is equipped with a Fernandes Sustainer FSK-401 system, with an extra sustainer control knob and sustainer control switches.

-The mirror pickguard has been cracked noticeably around the volume knob.

-The guitar is a LACS model with an Ibanez Lo Pro Edge tremolo- all production BRMR Jems had the Edge Pro tremolo.

-Bo’s neck was broken in 2013 behind the nut, and was repaired by Ibanez. The neck is super thin with a “skunk stripe” walnut strip, while all production BRMR Jem necks were of a 5 piece design.

-The guitar has a piece of green Gaff tape on the side of the left arm rest with its name “Bo” written on it in marker.

-Bo has a prototype Ibanez UTA whammy bar made of aluminum.

-The pickups have black gaff tape on them to keep the strings from getting caught.

-Bo is equipped with an Ibanez Backstop device, located in the tremolo cavity of the guitar