Steve Vai’s Alien Guitar Secrets: Passion and Warfare


True to Vai form, this Passion and Warfare edition of Alien Guitar Secrets goes way beyond the call of educational and inspirational duty for any student of guitar, at any level of play.

In the first half of this interactive video masterclass, three-time GRAMMY Award winner Steve Vai shares priceless insight and ingenious methods to help you discover and unlock your personal musical identity — the very same approaches he used to achieve his own mastery of the instrument and unparalleled success as a professional musician.

Topics and methods presented in the first half of the course include: 3-Step Manifestation, Deeper Than Technique, Develop Your Tone, Exercises Build Chops, Theory, Scales & Colors, Training Your Inner Ear, The Fragrance of Chords, Intonation, Bending Notes, Vibrato, Dynamics & Phrasing, The Dimension of Listening, and The Quality of Thought.

In the second half of the masterclass, Steve treats you to revealing overviews, with select playing examples, for each of the songs on his groundbreaking Passion and Warfare album — highly regarded as one of the greatest instrumental rock guitar recordings of all-time.

Passion and Warfare song overviews include: “Liberty,” “Erotic Nightmares,” “The Animal,” “Answers,” “The Riddle,” “Ballerina 12/24,” “For The Love of God,” “The Audience Is Listening,” “I Would Love To,” “Blue Powder,” “Greasy Kid’s Stuff,” “Alien Water Kiss,” “Sisters,” and “Love Secrets.” Steve also gives you a quick rundown of his guitar and gear in a Gear Talk segment.

The video masterclass (Windows, Mac, and iOS compatible) features 4+ hours of video lessons, tab/notation for select playing examples (for complete transcriptions and notation, pick up the Passion and Warfare Songbook published by Hal Leonard).

Steve also generously includes the Passion and Warfare Naked Tracks for all of the songs on the album (original tracks from the album minus the lead guitar track) along with 6 live video performances including “Liberty,” “The Animal,” “Answers,” “For The Love of God,” “The Audience Is Listening,” and “Sisters.”

“If you want to play something that you can’t, you need to see and hear yourself doing it in your minds eye. It will start to happen.” – Steve Vai

 Alien Guitar Secrets: Passion and Warfare masterclass is now available at TrueFire.