Steve Vai Festival!

Steve Vai Festival in Groningen!

October 20-24th, 2010

August 4, 2010 – From the Desk of the NNO :

It has been 10 years since we started a unique festival in Groningen –the composer festival. Each year we organize an event that features an internationally acclaimed contemporary composer and this year The NNO, NPS Radio 6 and De Oosterpoort are proud to present world renowned composer and guitarist Steve Vai!

Steve Vai is the Paganini of the rock guitar– a virtuoso who pushes boundaries in both his playing and composing. He is a perfectionist in each style of music he chooses to pursue.

The festival:

During the Steve Vai Festival you will hear several world premières from Steve as well as a symphonic piece which Steve has composed for the event. Vai will play together with the North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra (NNO) on two nights (October 22nd and 23rd). Later that week we will feature a Vai ‘Naked Tracks’ competition and on Sunday morning there will be a documentary on the history of the electric guitar. For specific program details, please refer to the schedule.

Naked Tracks Contest:

As part of the Steve Vai Festival, guitar players can participate with this small, but exclusive “Vai competition: Naked Tracks.”

Download a song from his recent release ‘Naked Tracks’ on Radio Add your own voice to the songs and send your creation before september 1st on CD to:

NPS/Naked Tracks

t.a.v. Co de Kloet

Postbus 29000

1202 MA Hilversum

The jury, members of Radio 6 and magazine the Gitarist, will select seven finalists. In the weeks before the festival these finalists will play their track live on Radio 6, on Friday’s afternoon show Mijke’s Middag, each Friday from 4.00 pm tot 7.00 pm in Club Panama in Amsterdam.

On Wednesday October 20th, the finalists will play for a new jury, Marcel Mandos, Mike Keneally, Co de Kloet and ….Steve Vai himself. The winner of the competition will also play in the radio show on Saturday October 24th. All finalists win a meet & greet with Steve Vai.


The organization of NNO, De Oosterpoort & NPS Radio 6.

For more information on the Steve Vai Festival in Groningen visit