Steve’s first true studio album in five years, Real illusions: Reflections is a “rock fable” described as “the first part of a multilayered menagerie of vignettes based on the amplified mental exaggerations of a truth-seeking madman who sees the world.. Oh, never mind.”

Lotus Feet was nominated for a GRAMMY for “Best Instrumental Rock Performance” in 2006.

1. Building The Church 4:58
2. Dying For Your Love 4:50
3. Glorious 4:35
4. K’m-Pee-Du-Wee 3:59
5. Firewall 4:19
6. Freak Show Excess 6:51
7. Lotus Feet 6:43
8. Yai Yai 2:36
9. Midway Creatures 3:41
10. I’m Your Secrets 4:25
11. Under It All 8:07

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Dying For Your Love
Lyrics by Steve Vai
“He felt that human love was mostly selfish. He was determined to discover its purest form. Stripping himself to the core after an eternity of being bound by iron and sometimes golden chains, he touched it and became a slave to its ambrosia. He was then delegated the responsibility to direct those who were ready to be directed.”

Just to see if I could see something down underneath, yeah yeah
I saw angels and demons in fear and a torn blue little soul
In an ocean of your love
There were kings and killers, the face of a beggar
And everything I ever was
In there was heaven and hell and the whole creation
Was Dying For Your Love
And now I’m Dying For Your Love
I said I’m Dying For Your Love
And there’s nothing I wouldn’t do or go through to get to truth
But faceless things are in my way.
Yes, I can see every little thing we never really knew
Is lying there buried in the silence
Waiting for time to decay
Lust and anger a freak and a savior
And pieces of the universe
Black phantom creatures trapped in a prison of desire
are crying for your love
Now I’m Dying For Your Love
We all are Dying For Your Love
And I need to feel me in those arms again
I said, I need to feel me in those arms again
Because I’m Dying For Your Love
I said, I’m Dying For Your Love
I’m Dying For Your Love
We all are Dying For Your Love
Lyrics by Steve Vai
“In a moment of lucidity, Captain Drake Mason was confronted with his way of thinking all about Eve.”
Boom Shika-Boom Shika ba-ka-tu-ka
Boom Shika doo-ba-boom-ba-tacka-chooka
Boom Shika Boom Boom chika Ba-koom-ta
Shika-ba-ku-ta Brrrr chika ba-kum-ta
Boom Chica brrr brr brrr chi-koom-pa
Brrr-cha-kum-ta brr-chica ba-poom-pa
boom ta-ta boom boom shi-ka-ti-ka
Rra-ka-kack Rra-ka-tu-ka pa-ka-tu-ka
It’s been a while since I knew you before
Hindsight says I was so much to blame
But even then you possessed so much more
I buried my guilt under my fantasies
I never knew what it would do to you oh my God
I dealt a hand and played with fate
But I still feel, and I surrender to, your intoxicant
But I want you to really know me
But when I try to get into your space
I run into your Firewall
Medusa’s home
Built out of hurt and pain
Welcome to the
If I get too close
I will go down in flames
Eh, just look at me now
I’m on fire.
And if I could I would get down in your soul
And clean up the mess that I made.
Maybe will and grace
will replace your faith
and we can embrace
You’ll never get to know me
unless you
let me touch your face
A victim of your Firewall
The devil’s own
Destroy your enemies
I dance into your Firewall
When you’re done, there’ll be nothing left of me
Suck me into your flames, and let me burn deep down inside until I can’t take it anymore.
I’m Your Secrets
Lyrics by Steve Vai
“Her fervent wish was to have someone that she could tell all about herself. Her ‘everything’ would be known and understood. ‘very well,’ Bapu said, ‘and you will be granted this.’ She was directed to the waters of her being. There behind the cherry petals came the answer to her implorings.

Take my hand
Look into my eyes
Tell me what you see
Because the eyes never lie
And all that you’ve ever done
And everything you ever knew
And in every dream you’ll ever have
I’m there with you
Tell me everything you can
Cause I am the one who will understand
I am all of your fantasy yeah yeah
And after all it’s just you and me
I’m your secrets
And when you hurt from the weight of the world
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do
And on the day you leave the world
I go with you
Tell me again about endless love, yeah yeah
The talk with the sun and the moon and stars
What do you think about God and man yeah yeah
Tell me the thing no one would understand
‘Cause I’m your secrets
You ask is love a lie
And is the world insane
Why do we cry
And is this life really just a dream
Tell me everything you can yeah yeah
I am the one who will understand you
I am all that you wish to be, yeah yeah
It’s always been just you and me
‘Cause I’m Your Secrets
Under It All
Lyrics by Steve Vai
The townspeople were astonished to see this massive formation that made no structural sense, but somehow seemed to be alive.
The mesmerizing stranger from the night before stood at the door with a frozen look of a perfect balance of all emotions on his face.
A pattern of turbulent shards of fire, water, and earth took form in the words above the door, and in various languages known and unknown, those words spelled out, “Under It All.”
They were all cordially being invited in by the caretaker, ie: the who was the stranger from the night before.
In a bold display of disrespect, Buddy Graham broke his way through the crowd and curtly inquired,
“You’re an odd one… and… Who are you?!*#@%*. And what gives you the right to be putting this thing in our town?”
As if the linearity of time dissolved around them, the face of the caretaker appeared in their single eye, and they were floated through the doors and into “Under It All.”
I’m just the paint
You paint the picture
What are you seeing
What are you feeling
And all my colors
for your creating
Is your rainbow
black and blue
Or your heavens,
Golden roses
But what do you cover
with your ocean of colors
Secrets? Regrets?
Who are you
Through and through
See who you are
Deep in the core
Under the paint
Under It All
Paint me your face
And please be revealing
What are you dreaming?
What are you praying for?
Pray for fortunes
Pray for love
Or the highest
Radha Soami
Or do you see that all
Is always within us all?
Deeper, look deeper
Or is there just nothing
There at all?
See who you are
Deep in the core
Under the paint
Under It All
Straight to the heart
Behind the walls
Under the paint
There’s so much more
Under It All
There’s so much more
Under It All
Bapu’s final question before drifting into a state of transcendent ecstasy was “But Master, if everything is an illusion, then why does anything matter?” To which the master replied “It may all be an Illusion, but it’s a very real illusion.”

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