Mystery Tracks – Archives Vol. 3.5 (2013)

Vai Archives is a series of discs that can contain anything from minor contributions that Steve has made to various other artists’ records, to bootlegs, B-sides, vault tapes and re-shaped extrapolations of his past catalogs. It’s sort of like a golden scrap pile. Devour with a silver spoon. Archives Vol. 4 is a collection of songs Steve has contributed to other projects and records including Public Image Ltd., tracks from the Hendrix tribute In From The Storm with the London Symphony Orchestra, and a collaboration with Chick Corea from The Songs Of West Side Story, among others. The original Archives 3 and 4 were discontinued due to licence restrictions. Various tracks from both are amalgamated into this digital only release of “Archives Vol 3.5″

1. Noah’s Ark (with Gregg Bissonette)
2. There’s Still Hope (with Bob Harris)
3. Opposites Attract Part 1
4. Selfless Love
5. Essence
6. Western Vacation (with Western Vacation)
7. Feathers
8. Speed
9. Misfits
10. Gone (with Lilly)
11. Just Cartilage
12. San-San-Nana-Byoushi
13. Maple Leafs
14. Wipe Out 2000
15. The Murder
16. Autumn In Nepal (with Bob Harris)
17. Opposites Attract Part 2 (The Indulgent Version)

January, 2013
Light Without Heat 1004-2
Favored Nations FN2360-2