SENA European Guitar Award 2016

I was recently honored with the SENA European guitar award in Holland. 

Holland has always held a special place in my heart and career. It’s here that my orchestral music was first performed as spearheaded by my dear friend Co de  Kloet, (the creative catalyst at ZivaSound), and I’ve developed a family of reminds there. 

The awards ceremony was touching. Many great young talents performed in my honor and the organizers of the event, including the mayor, were tremendously supportive. It was a great opportunity to hook up with one of my brothers from another life, Adrian Vandenberg. Although I haven’t seen him since the Whitesnake days, Adrian and I always had a connection and at this awards show we were able to bond even deeper than before. 

At one point while I was sitting in the audience witnessing all this great honor being bestowed on me, I kind of woke up to what was happening and a deep profound feeling of Universal appreciation washed over me. I’m still stunned by all the good fortune that has graced my music career, and my life in general. 

One might think that receiving an award like this is the goal, and yes, it’s very nice, but what I have discovered the real payoff is, is in the connections you make with all the people along the way and the feeling of fulfillment one has when exorcising their inner creativity. But every now and then someone taps you on the shoulder and says… “good job, and here’s a recognition that shows our appreciation for your contribution”. It’s humbling and enriching. 

I am eternally grateful to those that contributed to this prestigious awards ceremony and deemed me worthy of it’s recognition. 


A video of the event and interview are on youtube: