Recording update

This is the first entry. I’ve been conceptualizing this record for quite some years now. I took a break from playing for a few weeks to fast out old ideas and let news ones come to the surface. I’ve spent time over the last 3 years pulling together tons of snippets of ideas from the infinity shelf. The goal is to create 3 instrumental guitar records that are trio based, with no overdubs, but using complex looping at times. I’m not sure how all of it will end up turning out but I’m diving in head first and just hunkered down in the studio to start playing again last week. My fingers are a bit behind the curve and I’m going to be focusing on getting them back up to speed this next few weeks. I’m so excited about this whole idea. I know many of the folks that have been following the music through the years are attracted to the guitar playing and these records will focus heavily on that. Join the journey with me!


Song: Candle Power