March 02, 2007:

Worked on moving files all day.
Mike Mesker will be putting together the packaging on the new record and today we got together and started to hash out some ideas.

He presented some wonderful things and we discussed some concepts that have been floating around for the project.

The name of the CD is Sound Current and the idea is to have the artwork and packaging somehow reflect the concept.

After toiling away for many months on editing and mixing this music it was refreshing to spend some time on something creative for a change.

When you have an opportunity to work with someone that understands what you’re about and is creative in their own right, you start digging for ideas and eventually you find threads of ideas to build on. Well, within a few minutes Mike and I were unearthing an ocean of thread ideas made out of the finest satin. I don’t want to give too much away and we are still building on the packaging concepts. Once we have a good outline we have to go to Sony and get them onboard with it.