Mailbag 89

I have to say that I love reading Steve’s personal journals. I have been a fan of Steve’s since the DLR days (saw him at the Nassau Coliseum on the Skyscraper tour) but I had no idea how interesting and funny he is. Not only are his personal stories hysterical, but they are really well written. Steve really knows how to tell a story. I read the entire journal and personal post cards in one day at work. I couldn’t stop reading. His teenage years were hilarious and his entries from the Asian tour were insightful. He seems really down to earth. When he tells a story he not only writes what happens but he has the ability to make you feel like he is talking to you. I laughed out loud at work. I think he should write a full length book of funny stories. His bee hobby is also interesting. Who would ever think that Steve Vai keeps bees?

Growing up in Jericho NY (two towns from Carle Place and Westbury) I always identified with Steve and Joe. Like Steve, I went to parties at Old Westbury mansions (though I never stole floodlights) and waited on line for midnight showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Take care and keep up the good work.