Mailbag 76

hey mr. steve (and i say mr. not only out of my great respect and admiration for you as a man but mostly as an arteeeest… mmmm)… as long as we be on the subject… here is another piece that is a direct result of “The Riddle”. I listened to it over ond over until the colors came together. that album you did… damn… it’s the best thing since Jeff Beck’s “Blow by Blow” and “Wired”… it is a part of my daily musical ritual… right along with Jimi and Mozart and Bach… how is it that you shred so well and yet so it with so much delicacy?? Beautiful bro… so very beautiful.these pieces i e-mailed to you are my humble gift to you… hope you like ’em… say hi to joe. be well

rene simons