Mailbag 75

What does sound brings within? When I’m listening to Steve’s music, I get a feeling that I want to explain, but it seems quite indescribable with words. I get infinite and one at the same, there’s this whole beauty, this suffocating awareness and feelings, feelings, feelings. I think, after all, it’s all about sensitivity. Making your senses be God.

I get images, I get sensations, I interact, it feels like a dive and it’s deep. But it comes back… and it goes… and it swallows. And I shine, all shines and floats and colors, oh yes the beautiful colors ,they are infinite and they shine just like I’ve seen in dreams… their own light.

It’s a firm feeling, after all. It’s smooth but it wants to take over and to tear out. To break through… It’s almost obvious when you read this. I like words even though they’re always full of rancor.