Mailbag 66

I saw Steve Vai for the first time in his video “The Audience is Listening”. I was very impressed and swore to myself that I would see Steve, if he ever comes to Germany. I found out that he was member of Whitesnake at that time. Not much later I heard about an upcoming Whitesnake tour in Germany. “THAT IS MY CHANCE”, I thought happy! I instantly ordered the tickets. I’ve seen Steve in August 1990 and only had eyes & ears for Steve and waited for his solo. I fortunately caught some pics from the balcony. Steve’s appearance in Whitesnake was the only reason for me to visit the show.

I made the pencil drawing 1990 from the the “Passion And Warfare” CD. Now I’d like to share my artwork with other Steve Vai fans. I’d love it if Steve could see it… I wonder if he likes it.

The other photo is one of my tour pix.