Mailbag 56

Hi All,

First of all, I want to compliment the people who got this site to what it is now, it really looks super. Now I take the opportunity to write something at the fan forum. I went just like Harold Kip, who has post a picture here, to the G3 concert in Holland in 1997. We met Steve before the concert and he was really so cool, he was just relaxed, took time to talk and sign a lot of stuff for me – my Alien Love Secrets, my cap, and my jacket. During the concert I got his pick, so the night was for me unbelievable. After the concert I got to talk to Mike Keneally, he also signed my jacket, it was really super. Last but not least, we were informed by a roadie that Satriani had left the Ahoy (venue) from the “backdoor” so we got as quick as we could to the other side and there he was. We also talked a little, and of course he signed also.

After the concert I received photos from Harold, great looking pics. I contacted Ruta Sepetys (Steve’s manager) to see if it was possible to get them signed also by Steve, so I could have something else really special. They told me it was no problem and so I sent those pics to the States. They did tell me that it could take some time because Steve is out touring and stuff, but I expected something like that, because he isn’t , like me, a guy who is often at home…hahaha. It took a really long time, 2 years to be exact, when I finally contacted Sepetys again. I didn’t have an e-mail address so with the help of Mike Keneally and a lot of others I reached Ruta. She told me that they had lost the photos during a tour, when I heard this I was really disappointed, but she promised me to make it up. So in a week a received a large packet from the States, with all kinds of Steve Vai stuff – it was really super. Ruta kept her word, and I really think that is awesome, knowing Steve has thousands of fans all over the world. This is really something I won’t forget easily. I really think this is a great display of loyalty to the fans. Again, thank you very much.

Peter Verhey