Mailbag 37

Hi to all, or “Vai” to all,

Even though it’s all been read before, I just HAD to throw in a word or two briefly. I was fortunate enough to see my very first Vai solo show recently. Although I do not play guitar, it’s impossible to not notice the talent, enthusiasm, and overall love of the instrument and music this man has when he is performing. And the music itself can be appreciated by all, as the crowd loved his Anaheim show at the Sun Theatre last week.

Even more impressive to me than his musicianship was his kind regard to all his fans. Afterwards he did not miss one individual who waited so patiently inside, as well as the crowd that awaited him outside. He was kind, personable, patient, caring, and extremely involved in each person and the words they spoke. I found it very unusual for a man of such stature to take the time like he did, especially since he was still not yet over his recent illness. He thoroughly enjoyed all his fans and it was quite obvious, as I watched him greet and chat with each person from a distance before leaving myself. Such a wonderful musician, and above all this, it’s so amazing that within such talent lies a very friendly and down-to-earth guy! Mr. Vai, if you do happen to read this, please know how grateful we fans are that you take the time to meet us and sign autographs afterwards. And, I personally want to thank you as well for taking those wilted flowers I had held throughout the night – with of course, another trademark item that you so graciously accepted as well. And even though the gifts I’m sure left little image in your own mind, please know that my mind is very happy to finally meet just a “nice” guy who’s also the most talented musician of our time.

Your kindness (and of course, your artistic brilliance) is appreciated!

Ms. Kris