Mailbag 26

>Dear Steve,

The first time I heard you was through a friend of mine named Tom (who by the way is a brilliant jazz pianist of the calibre of Chick Corea and Co). I was 15 and was listening to Satriani really heavily (as I still do), and I thought that your playing was really strange and I didn’t get into it at all!! BUT, then I listened to P&W again and as my musical awarness grew, so too did my appreciation of your unparalled ability to express yourself on this six stringed beast. And so, Now I’m 21, and I love every single piece of music you compose or cover (in the case of the Christmas song). Thanks for giving me years of pleasure Steve, and I’m counting on you to give me years more. Oh yeah, please come back to Perth, and when you do, give me a call and I’ll show you around, its a really great place!!

Regards, Joe Colgan
Perth WA, Australia