Hi Guys,

I was lucky enough to be in Sydney in February and was hoping to take my 16-year-old daughter Suzanne along to Selina`s at Coogee to see the band. We were extremely disappointed to find that it was an 18+ venue and that she would not be allowed in. However, Suzanne, knowing how much of a fan I am, insisted I go alone. What a night – I thought I would never see such a gig again, and to think you had done it all three years to the night earlier. I arrived back at our hotel that night full of it and having bought a tour programme discovered that you were playing in the UK six weeks after we got home. Needless to say as soon as we got home we booked for the Manchester Gig (no age restrictions). Wow. What a show!.How do you guys do such a massive tour playing almost every night and look so fresh? It was very apparent from both shows that you were all having a great time up there on stage. I know the audiences had a ball. It goes without saying that you have another dedicated fan in my daughter Suzanne. I was a great Zappa fan and could not foresee any band that might replace his ensembles for live shows. Although the style is different the quality is of an equally high standard. Come back soon,

Pete and Suzanne Swaysland
Weston-Super-Mare England