Dear Steve Vai & Band,

Thank you for letting me experience one of the greatest nights in my life. This might come a bit late, that gig I’m talking about was in Hannover, Germany on April 6th and…what can I say…it was amazing. I really stood there with my jaw dropped to the floor and I had tears in my eyes, so beautiful it was. And not only the guitar performances, but also the drum ones were really great. It was truly unbelievable. My boyfriend was with me that night and I watched him several times during the show and I can tell, he was just as caught as I was by your music. You know, he wasn’t really a Steve Vai fan until he saw that show…

Well, as I said, “thank you for the music” and I (or we) hope you’ll come to Germany soon again, or at least tape one of the Ultra Zone gigs and make a video, thanks.