Rich, Steve, and Vai fans;

Just wanted to comment on an article I recently stubbled upon in the Archives section of Guitar Player website from December of 1999.

Here I thought I’d see them ALL but was forwarded the Vai article, and I couldn’t take my eyes from it until I had read each and every word! Very nice write up and no, had not seen this one.

I learned a lot from that. Mainly, something that touched me I hadn’t known was that his father passed away while recording the Ultra Zone.

Interesting…very sad and yet, very inspiring that he was able to overcome the overwhelming and instant sadness of this to not only finish the Ultra Zone, but also have it turn out so beautifully at the same time.

To be so in touch with your own feelings to be able to utilize the feelings within as (in a sense) motivation toward completion is utterly unequalled!

Where so many would have given up, he continued onward to perform (what I feel) is his best yet! The diversity and guitar techniques are truly the works of a “master” and that could ONLY be Mr. Vai HIMSELF. (I am very sorry for your loss, and I understand what you may have been going through. You have my deepest sympathy but I truly believe the spirit and soul live forever.)

I find him such an inspiration to everyone who would hope to aspire in anything, NOT just the guitar but any kind of vision. It makes me smile that he has given such a wonderful gift as his music.

His eminent talent and his will to succeed in his craft should give anyone the encouragement they need to find their own niche in life.

It also made me realize that by finding your own true talent in life, you could be giving others quite a bit too! There are no losers in this kind of a deal!

Thanks Steve for sharing so much, and giving us your “all”!

Kris McBeath