Mailbag 147


Thanks for an amazing show you guys put on in OKC,OK! I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate the time you took to talk, sign autographs, and be socialable with me. I was hammered by the show you put on for the Ultra Zone tour! My all time favorite tunes are Little Alligator and Bad Horsie, those two always gets my attention. I picked up the Alien Love Secrets DVD and it is awesome! I love the story how you were an Indian getting chased by the train. Tender Surrender is always a pleasure to hear. I was wondering if you are ever going to release a live record with all of the current material? A live record and a DVD of that show would be the ultimate! Please consider it. I remember you were on the Fire Garden tour. Your bus caught on fire and you had a lot of personal items destroyed, at the show in OKC you pulled a DAT recorder out and recorded us. Will we ever hear a live record with that “trash dat” recording? I do hope so! Well thanks again for your tireless quest to get to the next level!

A devoted fan
always Brandon Barnett