Mailbag 137

I attended a great concert on 10th March when Steve Vai and Band came to Manchester… although I am disabled and in an electric wheelchair, nothing was going to deter me and my little lad Aaron from making it to the show.

It was great, the only problem is that there is only one photo posted yet that I recognize from that night…. My son Aaron is on it with his new Steve Vai plectrum given to him by Philip Bynoe, front row, little lad with white t-shirt holding his pic on the “throwing the guitar” photo) so I would like to offer 2 photos from the night which we hope that you will use on the website….

The [second] photo is Steve meeting and signing an autograph for my son (albeit that someone stood behind my son blocking him from shot…good closeup of Steve though.. and the [1st] photo was taken when Steve was right above us on stage, and my son Aaron is the one with the Vai Ultra Zone Cap…..

So if you are feeling in a generous spirit and would like to make Aaron’s and my day then please feel free to post the photos on your great website….

Thanks a lot and all the best…

Mike & Aaron Hodkinson