Mailbag 131

Steve, I have just been looking at the site as an enourmous fan of your guitar playing and just realized that I have been engrossed for three hours! What a fantastic web site with so much information!

I’ve laughed out loud reading the journal for 1960-1980 (reminds me of David Lee Roth’s book, you should write it ALL in a book), played around with the panaoramic studio Quicktime thing, been inspired by the ‘Little Black Dots’ and ‘Martian Love Secrets’ and had fun watching the video clips. One thing that has really come across from this, is the lack of ego you display in the creation of this site. It seems that you still clearly remember what it is like to be a music fan and put all the stuff that us as fans want to read, see etc. Even down to actually personally replying to messages!

I’ve seen you a few times live here in the UK but the best show was this year at the London Astoria, I really felt you were playing for US, the fans and you seemed really confident as a showman, putting on a great show and taking the piss out of yourself! You played ‘Salamanders in the Sun’ which I never understood before, but after seeing it played, I was nearly reduced to tears by it, such an awesome piece of music.

Thank you for years of inspiration.