Mailbag 13

>Dear Mr. Vai,

I just wanted to write and explain myself. My name is Anthony Vincent, I am 16 years old and I have been playing guitar seriously for about 6 but have been close friends with the instrument and a few others all my life. I have been closely studying you and your beautiful music for a while now, but you know wanna something that I had never expected? I never expected you to seem like a nice guy, or to seem like a good father. I thought you would just be some self-absorbed star who knew that he was good, and I find myself now wanting to be like you in many ways. I am studying chord structures, theory, and composition and I intend to make beautiful music just like you when I get older. I have already decided that I will attend college to learn as much as I possibly can about the machine, I have taught myself “The Crying Machine” and most of “The Attitude Song” by ear and have a thorough repertoire of all the techniques you use. I am having a slight bit of trouble with two hand tapping on more than one string but I am confident that I will succeed. So here’s to you and your wonderful family, I wish nothing but the absolute best to you and your amazing gift. Keep up the great work and keep inspiring others to get good.

Warm Regards,
Anthony Vincent