Mailbag 126

y name is Reuben and I live in Singapore. I am 21 and have been playing guitar now for 9 years. I have been a fan all my guitar playing life. In fact, you influenced me to pick up the darn thing. I was a drummer before and never knew what I was missing :). The first time I saw you was in the Grammy Awards. You were nominated for “Passion and Warfare” and they played a snippet of “I Would Love To” (my all time favorite song). I was hooked and the next day I went out and got myself a cheap electric guitar (the delusions of grandeur came free). I stopped off at the record store and got my first Vai CD. You are the ultimate inspiration for me musically and I am sure millions of other guitar players feel the same. Now 9 years on, my life has taken many different paths but your music has always been with me. I have never left my house without my Vai CDs. I am presently trying to compose my first instrumental album and you have taught me a lot about inspiration. I have learned to face my personal demons through my music and that would never have happened if I hadn’t been gripped by the throat by your virtuoso playing. Listening to your music and trying to understand the facets of your songs have taught me so much about emotion and letting go when you play. I know so many guitarists who have amazing technique but have no soul. Your music helped me take my first step towards being true to myself. I met you once…well actually you signed my Les Paul when you came to Singapore in Tower Records. I don’t expect you to remember but it is an honour having your signature on my guitar. I was at the show in Hard Rock Cafe and I can safely say it was the best!! The security was a problem but then it always is over here. Can’t fart without getting hit upside the head but it was still worth it. I got home that day and played for 2 days straight without stopping. I had to stop ’cause I couldn’t feel my fingers..hell…I couldn’t feel anything :). You gotta come back man…I got a Universe a few months back and all that’s missing is your autograph on it. That would make it complete. Seriously though, do you intend to do a tour in Asia? And if you do, would you come over to Singapore again? Well…I have taken up enough of your time. Thanks for all the inspiration, the music, and the autograph. A Les Paul never looked so beautiful :). I have always dreamed of jamming with you…well a kid’s gotta have goals :).


Reuben Luke