Mailbag 125

Here’s a sort of cute one for ya.

I’m sure you hear a lot of people claiming to be Vai’s BIGGEST fan. Heck, I’ve been known to make that claim myself.Well, my five month old daughter, Miranda Raye Bachiu, has got to be, without a doubt, Vai’s LITTLEST fan. She really seems to adore Steve’s music. It would appear that “Passion and Warfare” is her favorite album. She dances (lying on her back, of course) to many of the songs, smiling the entire time. Some songs REALLY help me out being a single dad, because they entirely calm her down. I thought for a long time that almost any music would have these effects on her, because she reacts favorably to most music, but she really seems taken with Steve’s licks. So you can let Steve know that he’s got the BIGGEST and LITTLEST fans in all of, well, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan anyway, anxiously awaiting the release of the box set! I may even buy Miranda her own copy, as a keepsake. Anyway, catch you later!

Peace, love, and good happiness stuff,,

Mike Bachiu