Mailbag 114

Dear Stevie,

I first off wanna let you know that I am your biggest spiritual fan there is aside from God. You have given strength in believing in myself when times on the guitar were hard. When in my first couple years of playing, I would sometimes sit and cry when I thought my playing would get no better. Through all of your interviews, lessons in magazines, videos, I have realized that the fault of all this was myself. You showed my the way to Zen and guitar Utopia. I really appreciate all of what you have done for me. Playing for 14 years now, I can say that I am more in tune with myself and God and the relationship I have with my music. I thank God for stopping and thinking while creating you, you are my spiritual guide at times and I will never ever forget that. Some people laugh at me because I still have this “idol/mentor” thing with you. I am 28, I will always show my appreciation towards you and your spiritual energy that is endeuced (my new word of the day, not sure if it really means anything but sounds cool huh?) through your music.

Thank you, I will meet you one day if God is willing.

My question is: When are you and Joe Satch going to do anything? I had a DJ around 1989, 1990 ask you about that at the NAMM show and I told him to ask you if it would be called “Sea Of Emotions”? Secondly, I saw Niacin play in New York a few weeks back at the Bottom Line, and talking with Billy Sheehan I asked when you and him are gonna play again? Since, in my opinion – you work the best within regards to the best guitar and bass duo. You both have that same mentality of just being nuts! Thank you for your time. My web site is:

Dave Lovallo