“Live Music” – The Mass Animation Project


Intel Corporation has announced the start of Mass Animation, the first collaborative, worldwide effort to produce a computer-generated animated short film for theatrical release, with Steve Vai and Ann Marie Calhoun providing the music!

Starting today, artists around the world are invited to animate the shots of a 5-minute, CGI-animated short film titled “Live Music,” which is produced and directed by Yair Landau, former president of Sony Pictures Digital. The collaboration, through a unique application built on the Facebook Platform, will run through Jan. 30, 2008. Animators, regardless of experience, may begin work immediately, and community voting will open Nov. 24 at www.facebook.com/massanimation.

“Live Music” is inspired by Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” and early CGI films. Set in a musical instrument store, the story follows Riff, a rock ‘n’ roll guitar, who, as Landau describes it, “falls in love to the wrong song but ends up with Vanessa, the classical violin of his dreams.” The story is conveyed through the universal language of music, allowing the expressions and actions of the characters to be instantly relatable globally. The instruments are brought to life through original compositions and familiar rock tunes played principally by legendary guitarist Steve Vai as Riff and acclaimed violinist Ann Marie Calhoun as Vanessa.

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