July 11, 2004:

Greetings All,

So sorry I have not sent more updates. I’m working on a big one that covers the Metropole project, the new CD and the G3 tour but at this time I want to tell you a little bit about the influence that Robert Fripp has had on me. As a youth I used to hear a lot about this guy but wasn’t introduced to his music until I went out and bought “Exposure” when I was about 18 years old. This record had a profound impact on me. It was completely different from anything else that was going on at the time. I felt I was hearing a real musician that was using his guitar as a tool to create his art.

His music was unique. It was obvious to me that he could play just about anything on the instrument but playing the guitar was not the only thing he was doing. He was creating sounds and atmospheres that sounded like nothing else. There was such an aggressive edge and yet at other times it was profoundly beautiful. It was also obvious that he was a guy who was doing EXACTLY what he wanted and what he was hearing in his head, regardless of what any genre or trend was dictating. That is the epitome of musical integrity. This was inspiring to me and gave me the courage to make a firm resolve that I would do the same thing with my own ideas. Then I finally was introduced to King Crimson and…. Game over!

If you try to consider the coolest band that you have in your collections right now, that’s what King Crimson has been since the 70’s to many. It’s impossible to quantify the effect that this band (Robert’s vision) has had on contemporary rock musicians. There would be no bands like Tool, Dream Theater, Mudvayne, Rush and so many others including Steve Vai the way you know him. There are treasures beyond measure in Robert’s catalog and I sincerely suggest you take the time to discover these jewels.There are not many musicians I consider a true genius of the art and he is one of them. His musical intuition is real without any excuses. We can only hope to have that kind of honesty in our art.Now, G3 is a celebration of the guitar in all its permeations, and it will continue to be so, with or without me. I believe that what Robert is doing with his Soundscapes is cathartic Divinity. It’s about restraint and patience. If you attend one of the G3 concerts with Robert, I suggest you open your mind and let go of what you may be expecting and let the beauty of this man’s sonic tapestries just wash over you. Joe and I will fill the air with all the violent Mongolian string abuse you can possibly handle for one evening.

By the way, If you are fortunate enough to dive into Robert’s catalog for his guitar playing, you may discover that the man can shred Joe and I if he wanted to.Robert is a total gentleman, a lovely man and all of us have bonded nicely on this tour and Joe and I feel a reverent honor in having him with us.

Warm regards,