February 24, 2004

Where: Encino, CA

I just finished the orchestration for Frangelica. It’s 1:56 am and I’ll work until about 10-am and then sleep through the day. It seems to work better for me that way. No phones, the vibe is just different. I usually do this when I fall behind.
Frangelica was written and demoed about 23 years ago. I was going to spend a few hours brushing it off and then give it to an orchestra but once I started to work on it I got carried away and now it’s 6 days later. Yikes!!!
I have discovered that composing music for an orchestra or any variation of instrumentation is a privilege and honor beyond most things. For me it’s gratification on a very primal level. The need to express oneself is a built in instinct and as emotional beings it’s a form of expression that I believe is healthy, natural and our birthright.