October 11, 2004

Where: Hollywood, CA

Well, being that the album release was postponed until Feb. It was just too tempting for me to get back from tour and fiddle around with it. I listened to it and thought it could use a high energy instrumental type track that would go over well live, and perhaps a mid tempo guitar ballad thing that would scream from beginning to end. I sat down about 4 weeks ago and started writing. I wrote a whole bunch of things but at the last minute I got this idea for an eclectic track that was just so different and… pretty out there. There I go again, blowing any potential for airplay. But I can’t help it. When I get an idea that excites me it’s as if I can’t breath unless I make it real. The entire idea for the track came in a flash and I have been slaving away in the studio for the past 4 weeks on it. The title of the song is “Under It All”. It’s a vocal song as of right now.
Everything is finished except the vocals. Today I did the lead.
I was in the studio from 8am till 8pm before I had to stop and start working on a composition I am writing for myself and Sharon Isbin. Sharon is a world class, quite unbelievable, classical guitar player. Check out her music if you like 1st class classical guitar playing. She plays with various orchestras around the world and has quite a few records out. I was invited to write a piece for her and myself and we will be performing it solo in France in February.
more later…