December 9, 2002

Where: Encino, CA

As you may have noticed, there has been some new activity at I would like to introduce you to Michael Mesker and Anthony Garone, as they are the new site masters and will be helping to keep you updated on things. Michael had been working with Richard in the past on various elements of the site and has proven to be exceptionally creative and interested. My thanks to him!
I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge Richard Pike and all the support and devotion he has put into the site over the past years. I first met Rich in Canada while I was on the Sex and Religion tour and we became very good friends. We have worked together in various capacities through the years and as many of you might know from communicating with Rich, he was a real supporter of my career, but more than that we were and are good friends. He also has a unique sense of humor and vision that has helped to make the site special.
One thing that I have come to realize in the past is, if you really want to do something properly you need to invest a tremendous amount of focus, discipline, love and devotion to it. It has been obvious to me that in the past Richard has done even more than that for If it were not for his tremendous dedication it’s unlikely there would be a as grand as it is. It was an extraordinary labor of love on his part.
As in most of life’s endeavors, it’s important to move on when opportunity knocks, and it banged on Richard’s door recently. He has found a new situation that I believe will be able to give him the opportunity to put into motion his true potential but will take a lot of his focus as he has a tendency to throw himself entirely into whatever it is he is working on. We wish him the very best in this new endeavor and although sorry to see him go, it’s just that time. He has been a dutiful soldier and has my sincerest thanks for all he has done for this site. For those of you who have been following the site, I’m sure you see all the dedication that has gone into it.
Richard has been very helpful in the passing of the torch here, too. I’m very thrilled with Anthony and Mikey’s excitement for the site and for all that we have planned. I thank you for your support and hope to make this site entertaining, informative and unique in the years to come.
Many thanks to you all and a sincere heartfelt tip of the hat to Rich Pike.
Hold tight as it’s going to be a cool ride here at
Warm Regards,