July 08, 2000

Where: Los Angeles, CA

I have been feverishly at work on the box set. I take my laptop everywhere and edit audio. For the 4th of July weekend, we were at Lake Arrowhead and I had the blissful opportunity to sit out in the fresh mountain air, overlooking a stunning lake and listen to and edit the piano reductions CD. This is the CD that contains the solo piano performances of Mike Keneally — they’re a world unto themselves. I’ve been editing the performances to make a complete CD. While in Arrowhead I completed the individual song edits on all the songs. Actually, it has taken me 3 months on and off. Now I only need to edit all the songs together. The songs are:
Salamanders In The Sun
Bledsoe Bluvd
The God Eaters
Die To Live
Touching Tongues
Dying Day
All About Eve
All last week I was mixing the live Alcatrazz CD. It’s raw and honest.
I certainly played differently back then. Interesting to see what 15 years of maturing can do to your choice of notes.