November 8, 1979

Where: Boston MA (Berklee Recital Hall)
Band: Morning Thunder

I remember that when I got my first Strat, I broke the whammy bar off and the stud was stuck in the guitar. I couldn’t afford to get it fixed. There was just enough of the hole left for me to stick the broken end of the bar in. I used to hold the bar on with a rubber band that I would wrap around the bar and the guitar. At this gig, the rubber band broke. I stopped the show and asked if anyone in the audience had a rubber band. After the laughter died down a kid stood up and said “I have one”. His name was Marty Schwartz and we became friends. We jammed together, moved out to LA together and lived on the same properties for 10 years. To this day he’s one of my best friends and is a stellar composer / guitar player. Check out his Western Vacation and Vibraudoblast records. Unfortunately this horrendous gig was made available for the listening pleasure of students at Berklee. Oh help!