January 3, 1975

Where: Long Island, NY (a church basement in Carle Place)
Band: Rayge

After one of these gigs I was really depressed because I played so awful (how about the Star Spangled Banner in 3 different keys). I ran out of the gig without even packing up my stuff. I remember borrowing a MXR Phase 100 pedal from Joe Satriani, who was watching the whole show from the side of the stage. When my cable accidentally came out of the MXR, I tried to kick it back in. After the show they all wanted to teach me a lesson so Joe took my double neck guitar with him, and had everybody tell me it was stolen after the show. Oh repent, repent I did and sure enough, at my next guitar lesson at Joe’s house, there it was. He gave it back to me and reprimanded me for kicking his gear. What a little prick I must have been.