Introducing the Steve Vai Jemini Distortion Pedal


The long awaited Ibanez Jemini Steve Vai Signature Distortion Pedal is now widely available at your local music retailer, and Steve has created a much-anticipated demonstration video showing how the pedal works and sounds!

Says Steve of the pedal:
“You’re stomping all over my brilliant idea, but that’s OK, you’re supposed to.
The goal was to create a schizophrenic type distortion pedal that allows you to have two different settings with two different sounding distortion pedals, all wrapped up in a psyco-delic bullet proof package. Now you can get your dirty little groove on in public… legally.
Stomp on!”

Check out the demonstration video in high quality on our special homepage. We encourage you to share this great video with your friends and post it to your blog or MySpace page through Steve’s official YouTube channel.