Ventura double neck

Status: STOLEN
SV number: SV 5
Pet name: SRS
Receive date:

This was a cool guitar. I remember washing dishes at the Lynx golf club a whole summer in order to save up enough to get this. Once again I went down to Mathew Music and made the purchase. I think I was 15 or so. This was a white double neck guitar with a 6 and 12 string. It was amazing to me that I actually owned it. I used it a lot in Rayge, which was the band I was in while in high school. We opened our shows with “The Song Remains The Same”. It was a magic guitar. I remember having a technique breakthrough when practicing on this guitar. This is where I cut my teeth with fast alternating picking. I ended up bringing the guitar to LA when I moved and left it in it’s brown case with the bright orange fuzzy interior, and let it sit near the door to the apartment of Fairfax street. I believe it was stolen from there back in 1980. I would love to find this guitar someday. 

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  1. musictoyz says:

    I logged in here to see if this guitar would be listed. Summer of 78 I worked at the Sunoco station in the middle of the Northern State Pkwy in CP pumping gas, millions of cars, summer heat – Junior in HS. One day I see Steve walking on the bike path on the side of the NSP with this guitar on and white headphones plugged into it. Just lost in Shredland walking impervious to the millions cars zooming by he just strolled on by, returning 45 mins later. It actually hit me that he must have replaced the Univox Les Paul, which is funny because I had bought a Hondo Black Les Paul and never showed it to anyone for fear of trying to be like Steve which would have brought much laughter. I wasn’t and never will…..but I really was trying to be Keith Richards ! (Gibson Ad 1974)

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