Univox Les Paul

SV number: SV 175
Pet name: Uni
Serial: 130706
Receive date:

My second guitar was a cool black univox les paul. I go it because Joe Satch had a real black les paul but I could not afford one of those. This was truly a beautiful instrument to me and I played it all the time. I used it in the bands Circus and Rayge from the age of 13-16. When I purchased it I had the option of buying Satch’s telecaster but I liked Les Pauls much better so I got this. When I think of that guitar I can still remember how excited I was about it and how shiny and cool it was to me. I eventually loaned it to Frank Stroshal and never got it back. He told me many years later it been stolen. In around 2000 I went on E*bay and found two of these guitars for around $100 each. I bought two and sent one to Andy Alodort because we had a lovely conversation where he told me that his first guitar was a Univox Les Paul. This guitar has to be dated around the same time as my original. Ha, who knows. It could even BE my original.

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