The Hydra

SV number: SV 423
Pet name: The Hydra
Year: 2021
Receive date:

The Hydra, on which the Inviolate Song “Teeth of The Hydra” was recorded:

“I feel this instrument has the potential to be historical,” notes Vai. “It’s unique in various ways and its construction is inspired. And there’s a song that was written on it that honours the potential of the instrument. The conception and construction of the instrument was a monumental feat of creativity by a whole group of inspired people, and I could not be more happy with the way this video came out. Imagine being a half an inch tall and exploring the Hydra as an adventurer. It would be like exploring an alien planet. Sign me up!”

The Hydra has it’s own website:

You can also follow the Hydra on social media:  Facebook and Instagram.



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