Teisco Del Rey

Type: MISC 6 STR
SV number: SV 77
Pet name: Ori
Year: 1960"s
Receive date: 11/04/1960

My first guitar was a red Teisco Del rey that I purchased from my friend, Richard Jankowski for the sum of $5. It hung on the wall of his teenage bedroom and did nothing. I could not believe when I finally got this guitar. It was the best. It had 3 pickups a lot of switches, a small body, a bigsby whammy bar, and it was red. I loved this guitar so so much. I loaned it to one of my students at the time, Richard Meadows, and never got it back. This blue Teisco I purchased on E*bay for $350 and is a reminder of my original red one which I will continue to try and find for the rest of my life. This guitar is a blue 1960″s vintage Teisco Del Rey made in Japan with a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. I bought it of E*Bay

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