Jem 77 Prototype

Type: JEM
Status: SOLD or GIFTED
SV number: SV 352
Pet name: Emerald
Year: ?
Serial: 883372
Receive date:

A one-off Jem with specific woods chosen for the neck and body, this guitar has a unique looking green finish with a light sunburst. The effect is achieved much like the Jem77FP – patterned fabric has been bonded to the body and then painted over green on the edges, and then fully clear coated achieving a sunburst effect. It has a very flat fretboard and is a surprisingly heavy guitar. The middle and humbucker pickup cavities are packed with tissue – a technique Steve uses on a number of his guitars to cut down on noise from the body hardware and spring cavity. The guitar also features a trem-setter. The guitar is in excellent condition save for a number of dings below the lions claw cavity. This guitar was sold in the mid 2000s to Anthony Cappiello-Guy and Wey Yuan Guy.

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